Think about this say you bought a country district,lets say for example Colombia  49 million fans very sports minded. you start 5 teams they play each other as well as other league teams. take bogota bulls as example
game day your team does a parade with your cheerleaders passing out passes to kids, free pass for the kid will be appreciated and also bring a parent or 2 to the game. once a month each team plays a game for their community.This is a league that is to be a part of the local community, the jersey does not have the players name it has a local sponsor name the owner makes 1/2 the gate on each game as well as any sponsorships. when his teams play he makes the gate. This league can and will be a great thing for the town and country.The commission will pick a team from each country to be in the championship series as Europe comes into the league it will start getting tv money, so realize that this can become a huge business and I expect team values to double every 5 years IN September WE ARE OPENING THE PACIFIC DIVISION AUSTRALIA ,NEW ZEALAND, MAYLASIA  ETC. CAN BUY NOW ANY COUNTRY RIGHTS TO PUT HOWEVER MANY LEAGUE TEAMS YOU DESIRE. designing container field turn  a pasture into a field in a week. each container has a window in the side to watch the game, the containers are the fence.and VIP seating. as fans grow bleachers on top of containers for cheap seating
Yes, juan this is 100% real....Director
and to answer what happens after countries are removed
, well, we will leasre team districts to companies.If no buyer see the profit to be made the league will make it