los propietarios que compran un equipo por dec1get un asiento en la comisión. Interested parties email their resume and bids  pick your coach and lets play ball for discounted price buy 2 team districts This 5 year plan is becoming a reality, be a part of the new league
10 Teams
Friday, October 27, 2017

Limon pirates
SanJose Marlins
owner max viales
David Banditos
Owners actions process.
1 select team district which can be in different country or area than the selected areas listed.
2. pay a $20,000 doorstop fee, which holds the door open for you and said district until such a time not to exceed 6 months in which to close the deal on the district purchase for your team.make offer with 10% down payment the doorstop will be credited in purchase price. purchase normally includes land for field. look at nica west sweet deal
Cartagena  open
Bogota open
Medellin open
Owners will be held to the highest standards of honor, dignity and integrity and be responsible for their players actions.This league will be an example of character for the community. The commission can suspend an owner or player or team for such time they feel reasonable
The first 10 owners will be invited to have a seat on the commission.. The owner can sell their team to any commission approved buyer
games planned to start late spring 2018. our teams will go anywhere and play anyone..The league is planned to expand into all of latin America to include south America.help spread the word to get this going faster.
each team will have a cheerleader squad that travels with the team, these ladies will be treated with respect at ever turn.These are not party girlsThese are a draw for the team to increase interest thereby helping the team increase their income. Many items need to be addressed at the coming commission meetings. Each team will host the commission on a regular basis, giving the commission and players opportunity to communicate on a more personal setting. decision by the commission are final and can only be appealed to the commission. gjp3

1. in the event of a sale of a team or player or team property used by league the league commission must be offered first right of refusal.
2. player trades must be approved by the commission
3.all games must be approved to play by commission.
4.commision approved equipment only may be used.
5.owners will pay a prorated share of legal expenses in the operation of the league.
6. commission reservers the right to pull players from teams for allstar games, owners will share in the profits of said game
Partner needed
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we can build this to be a great thing for so many a great WORLD baseball league we play anybody anywhere
How to buy a team
what could happen, look at MLB LEAGUE The Tampa Bay Rays are at the bottom of the list, valued at $485 million, A LITTLE TIME AND THIS COULD BE US.THE YANKEES ARE OVER 2 BILLION.
I am ready to go down and get this going I need a few owners to step up and lets get this started I will make it worth your while as we grow. This is going to grow so fast your team will likely double in value every year
BE FIRST to buy a country district
before someone else does. Put as many teams as you want. own it till you sell it.
5pm commission meeting, now can get bid approval quickly BID NOW

Think about this, say you bought a country district,lets say for example Colombia  49 million fans very sports minded. you start 5 teams they play each other as well as other league teams. take bogota bulls as example
game day your team does a parade with your cheerleaders passing out passes to kids, free pass for the kid will be appreciated and also bring a parent or 2 to the game. once a month each team plays a game for their community.This is a league that is to be a part of the local community, the jersey does not have the players name it has a local sponsor name the owner makes 1/2 the gate on each game as well as any sponsorships. when his teams play he makes the gate. This league can and will be a great thing for the town and country.The commission will pick a team from each country to be in the championship series as Europe comes into the league it will start getting tv money, so realize that this can become a huge business and I expect team values to double every 5 years, my goal is make 1$ on every person in the country  example Colombia would earn 49 million a year every year
Q can a team be co-ed
A It is the owners team, up to them who they put on their team at this time commission has no rule on this
Q.In reference to the one owner per country can the 1 owner own more than one team/district, and is there a discount if
buying more than one
DR.juan Carles
A. yes the first owner in a country can buy more than one team/district in the league, yes multi team offers will be considered
Q. what is the mind set of the commission toward the owners?
A. as the league commissioner, we are here to guide and oversee and maintain the integrity of the league  WE are Not going to  try and oversee everything the owner does. It is the owners team and we want to help all concerned make a success of the league and enjoy life and great baseball.The commission will of course establish rules and see that they are followed.
Step 1
pick your district,make offer
Step 2 after deal purchase hire a manager
Step 3 you and manager hire coaches.
Step 4 game plan to find players
Step 5 plan tryouts.
Step 6 setup practice field
Step 7 post workout times
My guestbook
Found another perfect spot for a team to locate,300 acres,,and put a porter field, folks it is time to move this train.First buyers will get the deals
Breaking NEWS MOVISTAR exclusive phone team offer expired on the 18th now open to all phone companies.